Thermocouple Wires

Type T (copper- constantan), physitemp

0.1 °C accuracy in the following sizes: 30ga, 36ga, 40ga, 44ga

Many insulation materials available

Most competitors' thermocouple wire used in the manufacture of sensors is "Special Limits" wire which, to meet NIST standards, must be accurate to 0.5 °C. This means that even with the most sophisticated electronics, the best possible accuracy for the system is 0.5 °C.

Physitemp wire is made and tested to more stringent standards and is guaranteed accurate to 0.1 °C in the range of 0-50  °C.

It is, therefore, five times more accurate than "Special Limits" wire. It is intended for applications where high accuracy is essential but where the low cost of thermocouples is important.

Wires are also available in rolls of 50' or larger quantities.  Furthermore we weld thermocouples and/or provide custom sheaths on request.  If you require wire with a different gauge or insulation than listed below please don't hesitate contacting us as we might obtain them for you as well.

High Accuracy Wire
TYPE         WIRE DIA.      AWG      INSULATION       FORM     MAX. TEMP 
W-TW-26     0.015 "            26         POLYVINYL       TWIN         85 °C 
W-TW-30     0.010 "            30          KAPTON         TWIN         400 °C
W-TW-36     0.005 "            36         POLYVINYL       TWIN        85 °C 
W-TW-40     0.003 "            40         TEFLON®         TWIN        200 °C
W-TW-40P    0.003 "           40        POLYURETHANE   TWIN        125 °C
W-TW-44      0.002 "           44           ISONEL           PAIRS        200 °C
W-TW-44P     0.002 "          44       POLYURETHANE   TWIN       125 °C
W-TW-44TEF   0.002 "         44         TEFLON®          TWIN        200 °C

Regular Thermocouple Wire 
W-TW-20     0.032 "           20     TEFLON®             TWIN        150 °C
W-TW-24     0.020 "          24     POLYVINYL           TWIN           85 °C 

“Paired” wire is supplied as individual wires on two separate rolls. “Twin” wire is supplied duplex on one roll.



Do – It – Yourself Sensor Kit

Model SK-2: All materials, tools and instructions for making interchangeable Type T (copper-constantan) thermocouple sensors.

Contents : 50 feet TW-30 wire; 50 feet TW-26 wire; 10 type T miniature thermocouple plugs; Epoxy; Miniature soldering iron; Wire cutters & strippers X-ACTO® Knife; 3XLoupe Tweezers; Instruction Manual 

Extension Leads, Plugs & Sockets
EXT-6 -  6 ft. probe extension lead plugs into thermometer. Socket on other end accepts  any type T probe.
TP-10 -   Thermocouple Plug Kit. 10 copper-constantan  plugs, epoxy, washers, instructions
TS-10 -  Thermocouple Plug Kit. 10 copper-constantan  sockets, epoxy, washers, instructions

SK-2, Sensor Kit
SK-2, Sensor Kit